Decentralized systems ensure freedom.

If there is no centeral system, there is no abuse of power

The blockchain revolutionizes everyday lives, you should join as well.

The blockchain does not belong to a flag, government, or a set of ideals. It’s an independent and decentralized network that is more secure, fast, and efficient. Blockchain offers many benefits, which includes (but not limited to)

  • Improved tracking of digital assets 
  • Reduces errors
  • Tokenization
  • Disintermediation

We offer competitive pricing for employers, and anonymous representation for pros (if need be).

No more dependency on subjects that don’t even help you! Stay off the grid with HireToDo’s Blockchain pros.

Take your time, read reviews, see who’s the best for you. 

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

1How will I be in touch with the pro?

We have an integrated chat system which makes sure of fast communication. Over time more communication features are added, so keeping in touch becomes easier by day!

2.How can I be safe on the platform?

Look at the pro’s profile, ask questions that clear out any dark spots, have a set plan, check your safety-nets, local and federal laws. Don’t share information you don’t want to share, but please take into consideration that the pro needs info that will be a “commit line” for him/her. Never hide important details, or things you need them to do. The good ol’ gut feeling will not fail you.

3.Is it rude to ask too many questions, or have too many requests?

An employer never has dumb questions. Feel free to ask any question you have that will make you feel safer, trust the pro or their respective field more. We tell our pros to be ready to answer any question the employer might have about the job at hand. When it comes to requests, please communicate that clearly to the pro to make sure there is no confusion. Some requests are free of charge, some requests are separate jobs. Remember, a good job done once is better than a bad one done a thousand times.

4.What does the overall process look like?

Making an account, defining the problem you have, setting a plan and a considerable budget, posting a job, choosing a pro to work with, making it happen! You are always free to check on progress.

5.What should I consider before hiring anyone?

The type of service and the specific service they are providing, their profile, experience, professional ethics. Sometimes it’s a question of the budget. Talk with pros, ask questions, check your budget and goals, repeat. Remember, you have a problem to solve, and they are people who are willing to help!

6.What is the price?

There is no “set price”, because Blockchain  projects have a wide range of complexity, time/effort needed. We guarantee competitive pricing, which means you have the chance to compare the prices of different pros and make your choice freely. The pricing is higher when the scale is bigger, the project is complex, or there is no “blueprint” to your solution yet (which means you have a very unique idea the world needs).

7.How long will the project take?

It depends on the volume of work and the complexity of it. It might be a one-and-done thing, it might be something you need maintenance for. Blockchain solutions include a wide variety of actions, and that comes with a wide range of time needed as well.

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