What are our priorities

We have established a variety of advantages that suit the criteria of even the most difficult customer by investigating our potential customers’ preferences and learning what each client is looking for.

For Employers

Control of Workflow

We operate with a unique payment system, which has been created to establish strong working relationships, based on trust and confidence.

The payment system we apply makes the transaction process safe and fair. Clients complete the payment release, calculated and based on the freelancer’s performed working hours weekly. The mentioned amount stays on the Escrow account till the client’s approval of the completed task, milestone or project. The payment gets released only after the work has been confirmed by the client.

Pay for high-quality outcomes

We use a one-of-a-kind payment mechanism that was designed to help us build solid working relationships based on reliance and confidence.

The payment mechanism we use ensures that the transaction is fair and secure. Customers fill out the payment release form, which is computed and based on the freelancer's weekly working hours. The funds will remain in the Escrow account until the client approves the finished task, milestone, or project. The payment is only given when the client has approved the job.

Your program manager is the key to achievement

Our site allows customers to have HireToDo-certified and -controlled Project Managers active in their projects. All you have to do now is pick one and assign project management to them. This does not restrict the customer from connecting directly with developers. You are allowed to ask questions, make recommendations, or say whatever you like. It is up to you to communicate.

The following is how it operates: The Program Manager makes contact with the customer and introduces himself, his portfolio, and his experience. After engaging a project manager, the client has two options: hire a freelancer or delegate the task to the Project Manager based on his prior experience and client needs. The PM maintains regular contact with all members of the development team, performs task breakdown and sprint planning, and oversees the work of the developers. PM also provides on-demand updates and reports to clients, detailing the job completed and requesting further information as needed. Thousands of clients have already been happy as a result of this approach, which has saved them money and time.

For Employees

Look for a new job in a discreet manner

Nobody knows when the next round of layoffs may occur, so it's best to be prepared and keep your options open. With HireToDo, you may reduce the danger of losing your job by looking for new options ahead of time without quitting your existing job.

Recognize your worth

We think that individuals should always search for potential and new possibilities in order to improve personally and professionally. To have a better notion of what else you may be doing, keep your finger on the pulse of what's going on in the job market and in the business.